Urschel debuts smaller version of AFFINITY dicer

September 7, 2017

Urschel introduced the new Affinity Integra Dicer, a smaller version of its AFFINITY Dicer, at PROCESS EXPO 2017. The Integra is designed to process difficult-to-cut products including cold temperature products and brined products like pickles.

Urschel has debuted a smaller version of its Affinity dicer, the Affinity Integra.

Other features include a clean-cutting action to achieve a high yield of precisely cut product. The new dicer incorporates design elements from Urschel’s Model RA series, which includes the Affinity and the Sprint. This means the Affinity Integra can replace existing in-line Model RA series machines.

Urschel said compared to their standard Model RA-HD machine, this new dicer accepts a larger infeed product size. That, combined with a larger impeller case, potentially creates a 20 percent increase in yield. When compared to a standard RA-A machine, the new features could potentially mean a 50 percent yield increase.