May 18, 2016

UNITEC installs new cherry sorter at Morada Produce

UNITEC and Morada Produce Company has designed a new electronic sorting system for red cherries and Rainier cherries. The new system has been designed to combine high production volumes and extreme gentleness in the treatment, the company said.unitec_cherry_sorting

The new line that was installed in California is equipped with Cherry Vision 2, a vision system completely developed by Unitec for the non-destructive detection of the internal and external quality of cherries, UNITEC said. The cherry sorting system also features a patented cluster cutter, designed to process delicate varieties such as Rainiers, guaranteeing the stem separation without any damage, the company said.

The high level of automation of the line can work autonomously without any manual labor, from the feeding stage up to the packing, UNITEC said.

The system can switch from the processing of red cherries to Rainier cherries by pressing a button and the line automatically gets ready to process the new variety, according to the company.

After starting a few days ago, the line is already working at full capacity and incredible results have already been achieved in ensuring a high quality output product thanks to the reliability and accuracy guaranteed by the Cherry Vision 2 system in the selection of defects of both red cherries and Rainier cherries.

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