February 19, 2019

Turatti’s new Vortex-150 spin dryer features anti-vibration system, enhanced basket construction

Turatti recently introduced a new automated spin dryer for the European market. The Vortex-150, named in honor of the company’s 150th anniversary, is an enhanced version of the Vortex, which was first developed in 2011. The new version includes patented anti-vibration system and drying basket construction.

The Vortex-150, already operating in several U.S. and Canadian facilities, utilizes the highest cleanability and accessibility standards in the industry. Compact and low profile, the Vortex-150 dryer fits in a very limited space and is capable of processing high product volumes. Its low height and open hygienic design allows maximum accessibility to every area of the machine. By adding the dryer to the Vortex series, Turatti is able to offer a wide range of advanced drying systems to assist processing needs for fresh cut products.

The basket design features smooth inner surface, no central axle as well as external fins that enhance water flow through the basket holes. It achieves better drying at lower rotating speeds preventing product mechanical damage.

The spin dryer allows fully automatic operation utilizing a programable controller that manages all functions using preprogramed recipes. Switch from one recipe to another, is done quickly and thanks to proprietary software and RFID card access all changes are documented for quality control auditing. The smart configuration of the controller is pre-qualified for Industry 4.0 Blockchain Technology Integration.