September 27, 2019

PPC Flexible Packaging announces line of recyclable, compostable pouches

PPC Flexible Packaging has announced a new line of recyclable and compostable pouches called PPC Green.

Earth Pack is a fully recyclable pouch that can be recycled with the How2Recycle Label initiative, a standardized labeling system that clearly communicates recycling instructions to the public. To find out more, visit

The new Bio-Pouch is a plant based, annually renewable, compostable pouch that will biodegrade in industrial composting facilities per conditions set by ASTM D6400.

PPC Green also highlights the companies sustainable manufacturing practices at each of its six manufacturing sites, which includes recycling and re-use of raw materials and packaging, improving air and water consumption with state-of-the-art laser anilox cleaning systems and the use of regenerative thermal oxidizers at all facilities.