November 4, 2021

New top-seal packaging system launched by Crawford Packaging

Crawford Packaging has launched a cutting-edge top seal packaging machinery: the Evolution S manufactured by Packaging Automation Ltd.

After four years in research and development alongside produce industry, the Evolution S will push industry limits in top-seal packaging. In terms of cleaning and maintenance, the design makes as simple as possible.

  • SyncroTechnology optimizes every stage of the packaging process.
  • Features the latest robotic technology to avoid errors.
  • Packs three times faster than other top seal technology while operating in a continuous motion to have the highest output rate.
  • Has the ability to package up to 250 packs per minute.
  • Enables high-speed feeding of the film for accurate and consistent printing.
  • Eliminates intermittent stopping removing the need to stop to reposition the packs.

Headquartered in Ontario, Canada with warehouses in Mexico, Georgia, Texas and Calgary, Crawford Packaging is a leading resource for innovative packaging automation equipment, materials, solutions and support. Crawford Packaging works with customers ranging from small startups to large-scale operations in industries such as manufacturing, industrial, distribution, produce and food processing.


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