March 15, 2017

New infeed, collection conveyors added to VERYX line

Key Technology introduces new product-specific infeed and collection conveyors for new VERYX digital sorters. The new conveyors are designed to work together with VERYX belt-fed and chute-fed sorters as integrated systems. These conveying solutions are built for each product’s specific characteristics, according to the company.

The infeed conveyors must optimize stabilization and separation of the product to the sorter. This creates a consistent feed through the sorter’s inspection and ejection zones. The sorter’s collection conveyors must create a soft landing and ease product deceleration to offer gentle handling and prevent damage to the product. Exactly how these objectives are best achieved depends on the conveyance properties of each product.

Key’s new Application Matrix defines the ideal stroke, frequency, shape, slope, surface texture and other conveyor variables to match each product, according to the company. For food processors that run multiple products on the same line, Key designs conveying solutions with minimal adjustments needed at each changeover, according to the company.

Key’s Application Matrix considers the many characteristics of each product to help determine the conveying systems that will produce the best results, the company claims. From leafy greens that tend to stick to a conveyor or fly like a sail, peas that roll and ‘windrow,’ wet potato strips that stick and frozen potato strips that slide, a deep understanding of sorting and product handling enables Key to design the ideal infeed and collection conveyors that maximize the sorter’s success, a Key press release read.

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