March 23, 2020

Marrone Bio’s Jet-Oxide latest disinfectant approved for use against coronaviruses

Marrone Bio Innovations Inc., a provider of environmentally responsible pest management and plant health products, announced March 23 that its Jet-Oxide 15% postharvest sanitizer product is now allowed by the U.S. EPA for use against human coronaviruses to sanitize industrial food and agricultural hard surfaces.

The allowed use was based on a study conducted by the EPA with Human Coronavirus Strain 229E (one of the viruses associated with human colds) on the effectiveness of spreading of diseases on hard surfaces.

The study, conducted at a sanctioned EPA laboratory, met all requirements for 40CFR 160 — yielding a 99.99% reduction of Human Coronavirus Strain 229E. The study was conducted using a dosage of approximately 1300 ppm (0.130%) of the active ingredient with a contact time of 60 seconds at an ambient temperature of 22 degrees Celsius.

Scientific studies have suggested that coronaviruses, a group of related viruses that cause respiratory diseases in humans, are spread most often by respiratory droplets in a cough or sneeze. Depending on the strain of coronavirus, this virus can survive up to several days on hard surfaces such as glass, metal, or plastic. This may pose a threat to humans, particularly when the hard surface is not properly disinfected.

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Jet-Oxide is a fast acting, easy-to-use post-harvest sanitizer and industrial disinfectant that is used for the treatment of raw, unprocessed fruits and vegetables, as well as surfaces, equipment and machinery that produce comes in contact with during processing and packaging. Jet-Oxide also provides an excellent sanitation treatment for fruits and vegetables during storage. As the product biodegrades, all compounds used in Jet-Oxide are environmentally friendly.

Jet-Oxide 15% is available through Marrone Bio’s agriculture channel partners and local retail branches. Jet-Oxide 15% (EPA # 54289-4-81803) is a supplemental registration of PERACLEAN 15 (EPA #54289-4).


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