January 13, 2021

Mann Packing opens new facility in Gonzales, California

Mann Packing Co., a subsidiary of Del Monte Fresh Produce N.A., and one of the largest suppliers of packaged vegetables in North America has opened a new facility in Gonzales, California.

Joining a lineup of other California facilities in Salinas, Chualar, Delhi and Yuma, Arizona, the new fifth facility will allow Mann Packing to grow its business, elevate its existing operations to unprecedented new heights and provide an innovative new space to help the brand continue to meet consumer needs.

The new facility, boasts 130,000 square feet of state-of-the-art production for fruit and vegetables with full-fledged automation, increased capacity and with the ability to continue expanding. In addition, the Gonzales facility holds a variety of features designed to strengthen Mann Packing’s focus on food safety and quality, including its full cold chain from reception of raw material to delivery of finished product to ensure freshness, its improved environmental monitoring program and its updated QMS technology for instant information sharing.

In addition, the Gonzales facility has a state-of-the-art sanitation and cleaning protocols. Beyond face masks, hair nets and constant hand sanitation, the new facility has separate processing and raw material areas. Additionally, the facility also boasts a 260-foot-tall wind turbine to help Mann continue its mission of sustainable processing. Wash water from the facility will also be reclaimed into industrial waste systems for use on local golf courses and city landscaping.

The Gonzales facility is important for Mann Packing as it continues to expand upon its innovation processing and will produce everything from Mann family-favorite slaws to gourmet vegetables and new veggie sides, including its award-winning lineup of Broccolini baby broccoli, Caulilini baby cauliflower and Nourish Bowl salads. Additionally, Mann now grows its famed product line to include fresh-cut fruit, making Gonzales the only facility in the valley that processes both fruit and vegetables.

For more information on Mann Packing, including where to find its products, visit veggiesmadeeasy.com. For recipes and more, visit the company’s social media channels including, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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