July 31, 2018

JMT US and Macro Plastics launch natural controlled atmosphere shipping solution

JMT US and Macro Plastics have launched a new controlled atmosphere (CA) system for the preservation of fresh commodities, the JMT CA Bin 730.

Macro Plastics developed the nesting Hybrid 44-P bin with solid walls, while JMT US designed the JMT Lid 9 to fit the bin. Once the lid is secured on the bin, the companies said, customers get a controlled atmosphere bin that can be used to extend the shelf life and maintain the freshness of a wide range of fruits, vegetables, cut flowers or mushrooms. The products are designed to obtain CA conditions through an all-natural process, as it is the breathing of the stored product that modifies the atmosphere, due to the patented gas-selective membranes on the lid that control O2 and CO2 rates inside the bin.

The companies said this is the first-ever nesting bin solution featuring natural controlled atmosphere preservation and that the bins are durable and reusable, with a 4 to 1 empty-return ratio: only one truck on the way back for every four trucks with stacked bins full of fresh produce.