March 18, 2019

iTradeNetwork releases Advance Ship Notice (ASN) program for produce suppliers

iTradeNetwork has introduced a traceability solution that allows produce suppliers to capture and generate a Produce Traceability Initiative (PTI­) Palletized Advance Ship Notice (ASN).

iTracefresh Transit’s PTI ­Palletized ASN notifies stakeholders that an order is in transit and enables participants in the perishables supply chain to more accurately communicate product traceability information, including lot, harvest date and expiration information.

“As more stringent traceability requirements become standard across the industry, iTracefresh Transit makes compliance easy,” said Rhonda Bassett-Spiers, CEO of iTradeNetwork. “Not only does Transit enable buyers to make better business decisions with greater supply chain visibility, it also helps vendors reduce loss claims and accelerate payment cycles.”

Transit improves supply chain visibility through its seamless integration with iTrade OMS purchase order data, giving customers an easy, automated way to link traceability data directly to a purchase order. In addition, the Transit ASN Mobile App — available for Android and iOS — allows customers to easily link PTI information and quickly generate ASNs. Within the app, users can pull and update product data directly from a purchase order, scan and incorporate PTI data, and tie pallet IDs to a specific ASN and PO.

“Transit, the first release of our newly re­platformed traceability suite, was designed with our customers’ needs and experiences in mind. We wanted to make compliance and communication of traceability data as easy and fast as possible for our customers, and we’ve done that here,” said Trey Ruello, Product Manager for iTracefresh. “Traceability information will only become more important in this industry, and we are dedicated to helping customers capture and leverage this information efficiently.”

The company also is the creator of a iTrade Blockchain, which is designed for the food and beverage industry.


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