January 25, 2021

High-end lighting system added to Sorma’s fruit sorting machine

The Sorma Group’s SormaTech optical fruit sorting machine now features cutting-edge lighting solution, HyperVision.

HyperVision, developed by Sorma Iberica, is multi-wavelength lighting platform that offers superior fruit sorting and a high level of efficiency — it can analyze up to 15 pieces of fruit per second, compared to an average of 12 for other solutions on the market.

Thanks to the exclusive SormaTech Hyper-Map system, up to 2,160 images are processed for every analyzed piece of fruit. The result is a 360-degree view of the surface of the fruit, which makes it possible to detect, classify and counteract the smallest imperfection.

Using SormaTech’s high-powered deep learning algorithms and a large number of cameras — nine for each optical sorter machine line (three color cameras and six NIR, an analysis method that exploits the material’s interaction with near-infrared radiation cameras, that feature digital Ultra-HD technology with superior optics — HyperVision simultaneously analyses every point of the fruit’s skin over the entire bandwidth of visible and invisible light, guaranteeing accurate sorting.

In addition to boasting superior accuracy and speed compared to any other platform previously available in the market, HyperVision is also distinguished by its use of the Linux operating system, which is faster, safer and more virus-proof than other more popular systems. Moreover, it guarantees long-lasting performance and privacy, since it does not collect data.

HyperVision is also easy to use, thanks to the InstanDefect interface, the user can modify and customize the defect detection options for fruit selection by simply moving a cursor. 


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