April 28, 2020

Food safety provider PSSI offers COVID-19-based sanitation info for processing facilities

Food safety service and product provider PSSI is sharing its expertise on sanitation and decontamination in response to the COVID-19 crisis.

COVID-19 has created unprecedented challenges for all industries, including food processing and production businesses. Like all crises, planning for every scenario is critical.

PSSI CEO Dan Taft shares his thoughts on customers’ most pressing concerns and how the food processing industry has been impacted through a Q&A available on PSSI’s website.

PSSI President & CEO Dan Taft

“I think it is important to plan ahead and work in partnership with sanitation services to protect any scenarios that could play out,” said Dan Taft, President and CEO. “We know the situation is constantly changing, so we have to be ready to adapt and change with it.”

Partnering with their chemical company, PSSI Chemical Innovations, provides food processors with the right chemicals and resources to combat COVID-19.

“Our team members’ health and safety are always our top priority,” Taft said. “To that end, we have implemented extra health and safety measures across our business.”

PSSI has implemented new processes at all their partner plants to protect their customer facilities and team members. An outlined guide on their proactive and preventive measures can be found in a fact sheet format on their website at pssi.com.

About PSSI

PSSI is North America’s leading provider of food safety and contract sanitation services for food processing facilities, supporting more than 450 partner plants every day. Its team of more than 17,000 skilled food sanitors, microbiologists, technical design experts, and safety specialists are committed to protecting people and brands by keeping USDA, FDA and CFIA processing facilities clean, safe and audit- ready. The PSSI team works hand-in-hand with every partner to develop customized sanitation programs for smarter and more efficient sanitation to improve employee and food safety.

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