September 7, 2023

Food processing company investing $47M in new Georgia facility

CJ Foodville Corp., a subsidiary of South Korean food processing company CJ Group, is investing more than $47 million in a new food processing facility and bakery in Gainesville, Georgia.

The new facility is expected to produce more than 19,000 tons of product at full capacity, according to a release from Georgia Gov. Brian P. Kemp’s office.

“With Georgia’s access to 80% of the U.S. market within a two-day drive, companies like CJ Foodville have a recipe for success,” Kemp said in the release. “We are excited for CJ Foodville to support its TOUS les JOURS brand from Georgia and partner with the Hall County community to create lasting jobs.”

CJ Foodville made its first overseas expansion and entered the U.S. market in 2004 with its TOUS les JOURS bakery cafe brand, which has four locations in Georgia.

The new facility, located at the Gainesville Business Park northeast of Atlanta, is expected to be completed in 2025.

“Based on our strong profitability, we have decided to establish a factory in the U.S. to enhance our production and supply capabilities in response to the expanding scale of the TOUS les JOURS business,” Tony Hunsoo Ahn, CEO of CJ Foodville USA, said. “We are committed to promoting the unique competitiveness of the K-Bakery, which is built upon excellent product quality in a diverse range of bread and cakes.”

Half of the country’s top 100 food processing companies operate in Georgia, according to the governor’s office release and the Georgia Office of Economic Development. New and expanding food processing companies resulted in more than $923 million in investment in the state in fiscal year 2023.

The state offers 178 million square feet of cold storage space, according to the release.

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