Eat Smart donates thousands of salads to hurricane victims

September 1, 2017

Apio has donated 24,000 salads, or approximately 70,000 salad servings, to victims of Hurricane Harvey. The company’s Eat Smart brand is partnering with the Houston Food Bank to distribute these salads to those in need.

Apio employees show their support for Texas hurricane victims. The company is donating 24,000 Eat Smart salads to those affected by the storm.

Hurricane Harvey made landfall Aug. 25 as a category 4 hurricane and since then its record rains have caused severe flooding. The salads were due to arrive at the Houston Food Bank on Friday, Sept. 1.

Molly Hemmeter, president and CEO of Apio’s parent company Landec, thanked the food bank for partnering with them to distribute supplies during the disaster.

“The hearts and minds of all of our employees are with those affected by this devastating disaster,” she said.

Harvey is the most severe storm to hit U.S. land since Charley in 2004. Forecasts call for up to 25 trillion gallons of water before the storm ends with 13 million people currently under flood watches and over 450,000 people expected to seek FEMA assistance. The National Guard has sent 12,000 troops to assist those affected.