July 31, 2018

DeltaTrak introduces FlashTrak PreCool Prime 

DeltaTrak has introduced its new FlashTrak PreCool Prime.

The company said delays in cooling produce after harvest mean a significant decrease in its shelf life. FlashTrak PreCool Prime is an automated wireless solution that monitors and records temperature during pre-cooling, and alerts when correct internal produce temperature is reached. This allows personnel to remove pallets “just in time” and avoid problems associated with over cooling or under cooling. The net result is an increase in pallet throughput and improved operational efficiency, DeltaTrak said.

“FlashTrak PreCool Prime not only gives you more turns per tunnel, but also saves energy and labor costs,” said Frederick Wu, president and CEO of DeltaTrak. “Streamlining your operations with an automated system means pallets aren’t kept in the cooler longer than necessary, which saves on electricity; and monitoring internal product temperature in real-time from a cloud-based dashboard will eliminate manual labor for taking temperatures.”

This system also includes pallet level traceability by attaching a Cold Chain iToken label to each pallet and scanning the barcode to associate the pallet to a tunnel number and the pre-cool data. The Cold Chain iToken can also associate the pallet and pre-cool data to a PTI label (Produce Traceability Initiative), or other identification, such as lot code or order number.

FlashTrak PreCool Prime allows cooler operators to narrow the window of time it takes to remove field heat from produce, which maximizes quality and shelf life, DeltaTrak said. The system records data and archives it for traceability, analysis, audits and verification of compliance with good handling practices.