November 23, 2022

Del Monte Foods completes fresh fruit and vegetables facility in Qatar

Del Monte Foods WLL, a subsidiary of Fresh Del Monte Produce Inc., has completed a new facility in Doha, Qatar, to meet heightened demand due to upcoming tourist events.

The facility was built as a joint venture with Doha National Food Industries W.L.L, a fully owned company by Al Watania International Holdings P.Q.S.C, to supply global quick-service restaurants with ultra-fresh juice, fresh-cut fruits and veggies, freshly prepared sandwiches and freshly prepared salad bowls.

This facility will help to accommodate the increased demand caused by the expected increase in tourism in the next few months. The typical volume for the region is 15,000 tons per month, which is expected to double during this time. The new facility will be able to produce five tons of shredded lettuce and 3 tons of other vegetables per day; 2,400 liters of freshly squeezed juice per day; and the kitchen will produce 500-750 salads, sandwiches and snacks per hour.

Construction of the facility began in October 2021 and was finished in September 2022. The facility and its built-up area encompasses 2,200 square meters. The commissioning of the leaf line was set up within three weeks, which included the equipment becoming operational and all audits being passed. Normal set up time is generally two months.

“It’s important for us to be prepared for the increase in demand in the next few months so we can continue the same level of service our customers expect. The completion of this new facility will help us accommodate the expected volume and provide our customers and consumers with fresh, healthy options in convenient locations,” said Chadi Mubarak , Qatar operations manager at Del Monta Foods WLL.

Hassan Alkhiyami , COO of AWIHC, said the partnership with Del Monte is part of their long-term growth strategy to work with international brands to produce locally in order to meet the Qatar 2030 vision and Qatar Food Security plans.
Going forward, Del Monte Foods WLL will use the facility to meet the increasing demand of its new and existing customers.


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