October 12, 2021

‘Coolest Thing in Idaho’ campaign includes potato forming machine

Idaho Steel’s Nex-Gem3 Rotary Former is part of the Idaho Manufacturing Alliance’s (IMA) Coolest Thing Made in Idaho campaign.

In celebration of National Manufacturing Day and Idaho Manufacturing Month in October, the IMA is presenting a virtual campaign to spotlight some of the great manufacturers in the state and identify the “Coolest Thing Made in Idaho.”

According to the IMA, Idaho is home to more than 2,000 manufacturing companies and countless products. The campaign is to highlight Idaho makers and their products.

Idaho Steel has been nominated for its Nex-Gem3 Rotary Former. Potatoes, as well as many other products, are increasingly being used as raw material for formed products. Forming is a complicated process, resulting in a highly vulnerable end product. The Nex-Gem3 Rotary Former helps to take care of a number of issues for food producers.

Nex-Gem Formers are on every continent on the planet, except Antarctica. They are used to create some of the most iconic potato product forms, such as McDonald’s hash browns and tater tots.

Anyone can vote daily at the Coolest Thing Made in Idaho Website, and Idaho Steel encourages all to vote for the Nex-Gem3 at www.coolestthingmadeinid.com/nominees/nex-gem3/. The first round of voting ends Oct. 18. The second round is Oct. 21-28. Winners will be announced Oct. 29.

The Idaho Manufacturing Alliance is a network of manufacturers, supply chain partners, business advisors, and strategic partners. The IMA provides the connections to establish business relationships among its members, sharing in a culture of learning, innovation, and growth. To learn more about IMA, please visit them at www.idmfg.org.

Since 1918, Idaho Steel has invested in first-class research and engineering to innovate the global food processing industry and subsequently manufacture and install the market’s leading potato processing equipment. Kiremko and Reyco are its strategic partners. These crucial partnerships work by providing more efficiencies, the latest technology, and a hands-on approach to the creation, installation and maintenance of processing equipment.

Reyco Systems provides oil and moisture recovery, along with food and waste conveying. Located in Caldwell, Idaho, Reyco also offers air make-up units to manufactures worldwide.

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