Blulog temperature data logger now available in North America

January 19, 2017

Blulog temperature data loggers, are now available in North America from BluLine Solutions. Blulog specializes in small, wireless temperature data logger, based on 10 years of R&D on M2M technology. BluLine offers both Blulog wireless NFC temperature data loggers and RF temperature monitoring devices.

The Blulog NFC temperature data loggers are small, business card-sized data loggers that can attach directly to cartons, pallets or other shipping containers for in-transit temperature recording. Loggers are user programmable for temperature range and frequency of measurement. Each logger has an LED light that signals whether or not a temperature excursion has occurred. A flashing green light indicates that the temperature is within the set parameters, or, a flashing red light indicates that an excursion has occurred.

Because the temperature data loggers use wireless NFC technology, they can be read while still attached to the shipping container with an NFC reader or Android mobile device. Logger data is instantly uploaded to the free cloud-based software, BluConsole, where information can be reviewed and PDF reports generated. Data storage, compliance and audit reports are available through Blulog’s cloud based software.

The Blulog RF temperature monitoring devices are ideal for real-time monitoring of temperature storage conditions, according to Blulog. For cold storage warehouses, a read range of several miles can be achieved to provide remote monitoring. Each RF temperature monitor is compact in size and user programmable.

For more information on Blulog temperature monitoring solutions, contact BluLine Solutions at 1-800- 240-7193 , visit

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