BioSafe Systems launches new equipment

June 30, 2014

BioSafe Systems has recently launched a new piece of equipment designed to treat post-harvest fruits and vegetables. The Sonic Fresh Produce Treatment System helps achieve higher standards of food safety and extends produce shelf life, according to the company.The unit works in conjunction with BioSafe Systems’ line of activated peroxygen treatments, including StorOx 2.0 bactericide/fungicide and SaniDate 5.0 sanitizer/disinfectant.

The Sonic Fresh removes toxic pesticides, pathogens and decay-causing organisms from fruits and vegetables. This self-contained unit generates ultrasonic waves to create an intense scrubbing action to lift away soils, waxes and microscopic contaminants, according to BioSafe. This process is not pH dependent and no rinse is required after treatment.

Easy to use and organic compliant, the Sonic Fresh Produce Treatment System will not affect produce color or taste. According to the company, it will not harm delicate fruits and vegetables and works quickly and quietly. This system produces no off-gasses or odors.

For more information, visit BioSafe’s website