November/December 2018


Circular business models deliver sustainability wins

A circular business model ensures that certain products or materials are recovered, repaired and shared again and again to reduce waste.


Dehydrated meals taken to next level with new REV technology

Denis Mikhailov used to eat uninspired and unhealthy meals on his outdoor adventures until he was introduced to EnWave’s REV dehydration technology.


Food irradiation technology not widely used with fresh produce, but it could be

A growing firm called ScanTech Sciences is marketing its irradiation services for use with fresh produce.


Labor tops list of produce processors’ most-pressing needs

The difficulty of finding skilled workers is made even more challenging because many processing facilities are in rural locations.


Lettuce, cabbage de-coring robot developed by FTNON

The adoption of automation and robots in the food processing sector is happening at a rapid pace. This shouldn’t come as a surprise, though, since automation provides a variety of benefits, including higher yields, lower labor costs, better quality and improved traceability.

Lone workers: What produce processors need to know

Lone workers may be exposed to risk because there is no one to assist them and so a risk assessment may be required


Michigan potato vodka created by man aiming to honor family’s farming history

Potato vodka isn’t nearly as common as most think. The majority of vodka available in the U.S. is made from grains.

Produce Processing 7: Nick Desai, Snack It Forward

Snack It Forward is a better-for-you snacking company with a focus on plant-based snacks. The company has a portfolio of brands that includes World Peas and Sunkist Snacks.


Produce-based snack choices broadened by new approaches

Change just one detail about a snack food and a familiar, some would even say boring, item becomes something completely different.

Robots can make some human workers uncomfortable

“He’s going to steal my job — that’s the first thing that a human thinks.”


School lunch renaissance equals big opportunity for produce processors

K-12 school districts are high-volume foodservice buyers that are looking for new and innovative ways to serve fresh-focused meals and snacks to children.

Standout produce: Stories behind award-winning packaging

When Danny Mucci spotted a unique one-bite cucumber variety that was even smaller than Mucci Farms’ snack-size CuteCumbers, he was intrigued.

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