July/August 2022

Connecting with produce-focused food safety talent

“The worst thing would be for research to identify a potential solution, only to learn nobody can implement that solution because it doesn’t make sense in our real-world production scenarios.”

Cutting-edge leafy greens washing

Given the go-ahead for 2022, Fruit Logistica opened its doors and welcomed over 40,000 visitors. Kronen was there to show off its new leafy greens washers.

Revol Greens and CEA

Going big on CEA

Sporting a name evoking revolutionary change, Revol Greens is growing organic and conventional lettuce and leafy greens via environmentally friendly hydroponic methods.

Iceland couple creates total tomato experience with greenhouse, restaurant

It’s hard to believe that a remote Icelandic agritourism business could draw 180,000 visitors in a year, but in 2019 it did.

Indoor Berries

Driscoll’s, in partnership with Plenty Unlimited, is planning an indoor growing facility designed to marry strawberry growing expertise with vertical farm technology.

No speed limit for IFPA’s accelerator program

We know that the produce industry, providing the healthiest products on the planet, is positioned to help address public health issues and in turn, to grow a healthier world.

Supporting the future

Lipman Family Farms includes sustainability throughout its North American production. The Immokalee, Florida, farm has expanded from growing tomatoes into other crops and processing operations, yet remains a grower at heart.

Thoughtful package design protects freshness

With thoughtful design, packaging functionality can be extended to enhance the product, improve the consumer experience and make the sale in the brief time (averaging seven seconds) that a consumer looks at the package in the store.

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