Facility Operations

I-9 Issues

In June 2009, the Department of Homeland Security’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agency issued 650 I-9 audits, more than in all of 2... continue reading »

PACA for Processors

Jerr Brandel is tired of what he calls “bait and switch” tactics in the fresh-market produce industry, and he wants to see them stop. At the... continue reading »

Vegetable, fruit waste can produce electricity

Think about all the fruit and vegetable waste left behind during harvest, lying unused and unwanted in farm fields and processing plants. Not only doe... continue reading »

Abusing Temperatures

The importance of maintaining the correct temperature of fresh-cut products comes up at every meeting as one of the keys to quality. But the effects o... continue reading »

Consumer acceptance of GM crops increasing

The use of genetically modified organisms (GMO) is growing every year, despite vocal opponents of the technology. But GM crops have the potential to b... continue reading »

Sales increases at retail generally better than whole produce

Retail sales of fresh-cut fruit products rose slightly in 2008, as did the average retail price for value-added fruit. Fresh-cut vegetable dollar sale... continue reading »

Mexican processor expanding as market matures

In 2000, Fresh Cut magazine featured a two-year-old Mexican fresh-cut processor that was doing about $500,000 in sales. Eight years later – and 1... continue reading »

Davy Crockett Economics

I’ve spent an entire day following the economic crisis that is upon us.

General Motors’ stock hit a 55-year low, and F... continue reading »

New policy covers growers in a recall situation

When a recall occurs, processors and shippers are usually insured from product loss and the associated costs. But until now the grower hasn’t had... continue reading »

Market disruptions force processors, foodservice to innovate

According to the most recent consumer price index, fruit and vegetable costs are up about 6 percent, but growers, processors and distributors are scra... continue reading »