October 15, 2017

Taylor Farms completes its largest solar installation

Taylor Farms has completed the company’s largest solar panel installation to date. Located at Taylor Farms Pacific in Tracy, California, the new solar array spans over 300,000 square feet and will power 67 percent of the facility’s energy needs.

“I am thrilled to see yet another one of our sustainability projects come to fruition, and this is one of our most exciting projects to date” said Nicole Flewell, director of sustainability at Taylor Farms. “With each installation, whether solar, wind or cogeneration, we continue to add clean power to our facilities nationwide in the most sustainable manner possible.”

Solar panels at the Taylor Farms facility in Tracy, California.

This 8,204 panel installation spans 7.5 acres of rooftop space, making it the largest private solar panel array in San Joaquin County. The system provides 2.256 megawatts (MW) of direct current (DC) power to the facility. Annually, the panels will produce 3,697,800 kWh and reduce C02 emissions by 2,752 metric tons.

Taylor Farms has dedicated sustainability resources to determine the best energy strategy for each location, and pursue localized incentives to make projects economically viable. Since 2012, Taylor Farms has invested in eight major projects in North America including, solar, wind, fuel cells and cogeneration. The company has installed five solar arrays at facilities in Texas, Tennessee and three facilities in California, which together generate 8.4 Million kWh/year.

In conjunction with this announcement, Taylor Farms Pacific will be hosting an open house and launch party to celebrate the installation. The event will be held at the onsite Innovation Center. Mayor Robert Rickman, of the City of Tracy will be delivering a keynote speech, alongside Nicole Flewell, director of sustainability at Taylor Farms.

Taylor Farms Pacific, which employs over 1,300 team members, serves customers in the retail and deli markets with a wide variety of fresh food products, including; premade salads and entrees, sandwiches, wraps, fruit cups, snacks, and behind the glass kits.


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