June 14, 2017

Companies partner to enhance sustainable management practices

Alta Energy, a renewable energy procurement and management services provider, has partnered with sustainability consulting firm Measure to Improve, LLC, to offer the produce industry a proactive approach to improving the sustainability of operations through the use of renewable energy.

Measure to Improve aims to help growers and processors identify and implement economic savings that also translate into environmental benefits. Much of the produce industry could use sustainable renewable energy resources like solar power to lower energy costs and reduce the risk of energy price volatility, while enhancing overall sustainability, according to Alta Energy. The company will work with Measure to Improve to provide its clients with objective analysis and unbiased recommendations tailored to challenges faced by the fresh produce industry.

“Our partnership with Alta Energy will enhance our efforts to help customers proactively address their energy consumption and costs,” said Nikki Rodoni, CEO and founder of Measure to Improve. “The goal of this partnership is to help customers find cost savings and reduce environmental impacts along the way.”

Alta Energy and Measure to Improve are both located California, with offices in Salinas Valley. Alta Energy is presently working with agricultural producers in California and across the United States. Measure to Improve customers include produce growers and processors located in California, Arizona, Georgia, Florida and Mexico.

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