Quality Assurance Depends on Equipment, Systems

Welcome to the world of quality assurance (QA) in fresh-cut produce. Regulators mandate it, customers expect it and fresh-cut processors and shipper... continue reading »

Going green saves green: Food processors work with utilities to save energy

Spending money to save money also means saving energy at Bolthouse Farms’ processing facility in Prosser, Wash. Jim Robbins, vice president ... continue reading »

From local to global

Alessandro Turatti shares a bittersweet story about his great-grandmother. All of her life, he said, she had one wish: to see the sea. It never ha... continue reading »

All About Atmosphere: Extending shelf life of fresh-cut produce

The goal: extended shelf life of fresh-cut produce. The enemy: ethylene gas produced by ripening fruit and vegetables that causes spoilage and dec... continue reading »

Sanitation first

Sanitation is kind of like buying socks — not terribly exciting, but oh-so-necessary.And sanitation will be front and center during the 17th a... continue reading »

USDA value-added producer grants help seed new ventures

USDA recently awarded $40.2 million in value-added producer grants to 298 recipients in 44 states and Puerto Rico. According to USDA, the grant pr... continue reading »

Industry Comes Together at United Fresh 2012

United Fresh 2012 was a whirlwind of energy, innovation, information and connecting for the 4,500 who attended May 1-3. It was standing room only ... continue reading »

Keep on truckin’

It’s important for the produce industry to remain attractive to trucking. Without truckers, the produce industry would be, well, sunk. &ld... continue reading »

Innovations in Packaging

Packaging for fresh-cut produce has entered an era of show and tell — in every sense. Customers typically have been able to see what they ar... continue reading »

Equipment design

The produce industry has had its share of food safety challenges in recent years. But it’s not alone. Speaking during an education session... continue reading »