Initiative pushes for common, interchangeable audit measures

One food safety event can shake consumer confidence in the food supply, and it can take years to rebuild that lost confidence. According to a recent s... continue reading »

New York processor focuses on growing fresh-cut segment

J. Kings Foodservice Professionals Inc. has been in business since 1974 when it was founded by John King, and has been processing fresh-cut fruits and... continue reading »

Research studies E. coli in leafy greens processing

Ongoing research at Michigan State University (MSU) could have a major impact on the way leafy greens are processed in the United States.
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Economy hits restaurants hard

The year 2008 won’t be remembered as a good one for the foodservice industry. Rising input costs in nearly every market combined with a tightenin... continue reading »

Potato processor made the choice to go green

There’s no set definition for sustainability, although a number of organizations are working on certifiable definitions. In agriculture, it can m... continue reading »

Apple slices newest addition to Henderson’s Best Apples

When Allan Henderson began his entry into the world of fresh-cut apples slices in 2006, he found it a secretive place in which information was closely... continue reading »

Las Vegas distributor and processor grows into modern, upscale plant

Step inside the new lobby of Las Vegas-based Get Fresh Sales Inc., and you might think you’ve stepped into a trendy club. A polished concrete flo... continue reading »

Duda Farm Fresh moves into new fresh-cut facility

Duda Farm Fresh Foods has been growing, packing and shipping celery for more than 80 years, but as the demands of retail customers changed, the compan... continue reading »

Fresh Focus: Marketing Food Safety and Food Security – Part II

Last month, we briefly discussed marketing your food safety and security plans through your web site, newsletters and advertising. Let’s go a bi... continue reading »

California marketing board releases first audit

The California Leafy Greens Marketing Agreement (LGMA) released its first audit report since the group was formed in 2007. A total of 368 audits were ... continue reading »