June 22, 2022

ValTara’s SleekWrapper i65 designed for hard-to-handle products

The ValTara SleekWrapper i65 sets the bar when it comes to flow wrapping hard-to-handle products, such as soft baked goods, tortillas, fresh produce, meats and multi-pack trays.  

The Sleek i65 feeds the film from below so that delicate and hard-to-wrap products are securely carried on top of the packaging, essentially pulling them through the wrapping process. By carrying the product through instead of pushing it, the integrity and the aesthetics of the product are maintained. 

ValTara’s SleekWrapper i65

Built with reliability and serviceability in mind, this easy-to-use flow wrapper features integrated infeed and exit conveyors, stainless steel frame and discharge chute, easily accessible film carriage and large color touchscreen. 

Spring Meadows Natural Pet Food recently added one of the flow wrappers to its operation.  

“Everything really came together well with this project: a high-quality product in high-quality packaging produced on a high-quality machine,” said Jason Stovra of Spring Meadows. “The machine has run like clockwork, running 50 packs per minute, or roughly 10 pounds of product, producing perfect hermetically sealed  packages to keep the product nice and fresh.” 

From entry-level machines to integrated high-speed systems, ValTara offers a complete line of easily customized flow wrapping machines for every industry. 



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