October 31, 2014

United Fresh report profiles foodservice trends

The latest issue of United Fresh’s Fresh Insights for Foodservice report explores how innovative chefs are adding fresh fruits and vegetables to create flavorful and vibrant fall menus. These quarterly reports showcase the latest innovations in fresh produce use in foodservice.

The fall issue reports how kabocha is building on consumer interest in winter squash, how chefs and foodservice operators are leveraging the versatility of beets across a wide variety of menu options and how the traditional sweet potato is delighting diners in both sweet and savory applications.

The fall Fresh Insights also looks at how fresh squeezed juice is expanding beyond the drink menu, as well as how produce is enhancing the visual appeal and flavor profiles of pasta and noodle entrees. There’s also news about restaurant operators using produce-driven menu items to usher in their fall menus, including apples, soups and stews and warm bowls. Additionally, the report cites menu introductions at chains, including some fresh-focused marketing campaigns.

The fall report of Fresh Insights includes a look at how convenience stores are using fresh produce to respond to consumer demand for healthy snacks and fresh meals, with fruits and vegetables available through counter-service and grab-and-go prepared food stations.

“Convenience stores are increasingly looking to fresh produce to meet their current and potentially new consumers who are looking for healthy ‘on-the-go’ options,” said United’s Vice President of Trade Relations Jeff Oberman, liaison to United’s Retail-Foodservice Board. “As United Fresh looks to expand fresh produce sales through merchandising strategies and supply chain solutions through our partnership with the National Association of Convenience Stores, the fall issue of the Fresh Insights report further underscores the many ways that convenience stores are discovering the value of offering more fresh fruits and vegetable options.”

The concept for the Fresh Insights report was initiated by United’s Retail-Foodservice Board as a resource for United members to gain a comprehensive look at how chefs and restaurants are incorporating fresh produce on their menus.  The report is developed by Datassential, a leading market research firm dedicated to the food Industry, using data from its extensive menu database, MenuTrends.

The publication is organized in four core sections, including Fresh Flavors, which shows in-depth profiles of trending produce items; Menu Intelligence, featuring up-to-date information on how produce is being used in different menu items; Chain Report, which focuses on produce’s role in new menu items; and View From Above, offering a look into produce usage in a particular trend within the foodservice industry.

Fresh Insights for Foodservice is free to United Fresh members and $50 to non-members. To order the report today, visit United’s website.

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