January 4, 2022

Uglies potato chips rebrands, launches new character

Uglies Kettle Chips has announced a brand redesign with a new logo, website and a package design ready to hit shelves in January.

Uglies, a division of Dieffenbach’s Snacks, has been on a mission since 2017 to reduce waste, support farmers and fight hunger by using imperfect potatoes to craft kettle-cooked potato chips. Since its inception, the brand has upcycled more than five million pounds of potatoes.

Uglies’ bags of Sea Salt, Salt & Vinegar, Bar-B-Que, Jalapeno and Buffalo Ranch chips still possess all the same delicious ingredients, but now they’re punched-up with personality and a new flavor — Cheddar & Sour Cream. The new look is a commitment to first, portray a more compelling and desirable personality, and second, speak more effectively to a modern audience and strengthen its on-shelf presence at national retailers.

Morgan Santoro, marketing manager, said: “By employing a more modern and exciting representation and using a stylized character, this rebrand is a departure from a traditional, old fashion-inspired design typically found in specialty food aisles and will help to reposition the brand as a national competitor in the salty snacks category.”

Customers will notice a revamped potato character, Ugly. Legend has it, Ugly was born under a full moon in the potato fields of a fertile valley in southeastern Pennsylvania and is made of pure personality. The revitalized character provides attitude and a fun, “tongue-in-cheek”/self-deprecating spin to combat the negative feeling the word “ugly” sometimes suggests.

Adapting to the demand for a more user-centric digital experience, the new website includes various ways to find and shop for Uglies Kettle Chips, including reseller resources for partnering distributors and a “where to buy” feature for inquiring consumers.

For more information, visit ugliessnacks.com.

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