February 5, 2013

UC Davis to host two March workshops

A pair of workshops at University of California Davis will explore post-harvest technologies and fruit ripening/retail.

On March 14-15, a new workshop called “Emerging Postharvest Technologies” will present information on current produce trends such as traceability and packaging innovations, nanotechnology, robotics, packing line improvements and more.

This short course will be presented in a shortened, interactive, and more convenient time format to allow busy agriculture professionals to attend.

For more information, visit http://postharvest.ucdavis.edu/Education/

A March 18-19 workshop called “Fruit Ripening and Retail Management” will be presented by the UC Davis Postharvest Technology Center. It is intended for shippers and fruit handlers (wholesale and retail), and produce managers who are involved in handling and ripening fruits and fruit-vegetables. The workshop focuses on how to increase profits by reducing losses at the receiving end, and delivering ready-to-eat, delicious fruits and fruit-vegetables to the consumer.

Topics include fruit development, retail temperature and storage conditions, ethylene production, tools to control ripening and senescence, and more.

The course also features hands-on sensory, quality measurement and environmental equipment demonstrations.

For more information, visit http://postharvest.ucdavis.edu/Education/fruitripening.

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