April 17, 2020

Tong introduces all-electric box tipper for packing lines

Tong Engineering has announced the latest addition to its recent series of new product developments with the launch of a new, all-electric box tipper — the E-TIP.

The next generation E-TIP box tipper is built upon a patent-pending design which features an innovatively designed crop-retaining lid for the gentlest handling, alongside an energy-efficient all-electric drive system.

“What sets our new E-TIP box tipper apart is the way that the box is cradled throughout the tipping process, with a uniquely designed conveyor-belt lid,” said Edward Tong, managing director. “This ensures boxes are securely and gently rotated, without any friction or scuffing to crop. The sliding action of the lid ensures gentle transfer of crop from the box to the machine’s forward conveyor, as well as ensuring seamless upward ejection of empty boxes for continuous operation and maximum performance.”

The E-TIP box tipper replaces traditional forward pivot-tipping hydraulics with a box-rotating design, powered by Tong’s Blue Inverter Technology all-electric direct-drive motors. “The fact that the new E-TIP is 100% electric-driven means that running costs are kept extremely low,” said Tong. “In addition, the advanced yet simple design of the new E-TIP means that maintenance is not only minimal, but very quick and easy. The clean, food-grade construction of the machine ensures its suitability in all tipping applications, including high-care food processing environments.”

Optimum safety is also a key feature of the new tipper’s design, with the machine requiring much less forklift movement than traditional box tippers, resulting in a safer working environment. The more continuous loading and unloading process, coupled with fully automatic PLC controlled tipping, results in a high throughput box tipping process, which can be specified to suit a variety of box sizes, depending on requirements.

For more information, visit www.tongengineering.com.

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