June 4, 2019

Tomato processing acreage stays steady in California

As of May 15, California’s tomato processors reported they have or will have contracts for 12.1 million tons of processing tomatoes for 2019, according to a survey conducted by USDA NASS’ Pacific Regional Office.

This production is unchanged from the January intentions forecast and 0.8 percent above the final 2018 contracted production total. The May contracted acreage of 235,000 is also unchanged from the January intentions forecast and equal to last year’s final contracted acreage.

Fresno County remains the top California County in contracted planted acreage for 2019 with 76,700 acres. Yolo, Kings, Merced and San Joaquin make up the remaining top five counties, accounting for 74% of the 2019 total contracted planted acreage for California.


Rainy weather and cooler temperatures delayed planting and slowed crop growth in the early part of the 2019 season. At this point in time, harvest is expected to be delayed about a week in some areas, but could catch up with enough sun and summer heat. In other areas, the crop was developing on schedule. Crop quality was reported to be normal to very good, with minimal disease or pest issues.

The early processing tomato estimate is funded by the California League of Food Processors, in cooperation with the California Department of Food and Agriculture.