ThermoWorks rolls out HACCP mobile app

April 17, 2013

ThermoWorks has introduced HACCP Mobile, the only app that pairs with a Bluetooth thermometer probe and turns any iPhone, iPad, or iPod Touch into a paperless, one-touch, professional hazardous analysis and critical control point recording solution.

The app displays, records, stores and emails temperature data received via Bluetooth connection from the ThermoWorks BlueTherm type K thermocouple probe. Used in conjunction with free accessory desktop software, temperature readings can be viewed remotely on any iDevice – up to 60 feet.

The free HACCP Mobile desktop software (for Windows) allows users to create company and location profiles; build custom checklists and create lists of users, or operators for each profile; label food items and set high and low temperature limits for each; attach notes to specific food items; and send user alerts when a food item is in the temperature danger zone (40-140°F).

With checklists created, simply send them (via email) to an iPhone, iPod or iPad device and open the attachment. The device will recognize the file and send it to the HACCP Mobile App. Open the app, select a user and food item and instantly begin taking, and recording temperatures. Insert the probe into the item being measured, and when the temperature has stabilized, tap “Store Reading.” Add corrective notes, as needed, and once all temperatures are recorded and stored, email the readings to your inbox.

Saved readings display the food items in order with the most recent item displayed at the top. Each reading displays the first several characters of the label, a “P” or “F” for pass/fail, date, time and reading value. Readings outside of the high/low temperature limits are indicated with a red font. Records can be held electronically in a CSV file until called upon by health inspectors, or food safety operation managers.

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