December 28, 2020

Terra Exports adds longtime berry exec Juillerat to advisory board

Longtime berry industry executive Felipe Juillerat has joined Terra Exports’ advisory board. Juillerat is best known as the former chief commercial officer of Hortifut.

Felipe Juillerat

Juillerat has more than 27 years of experience in the berry industry, including 20 years at Vitalberry before joining Hortifrut from 2013-19. He also held the title of president of the Blueberry Committee of Chile-ASOEX until late 2019. Juillerat’s understanding and experience in partnerships, acquisitions, and corporate branding in complex markets such as the Americas, Asia and Europe are vital to support Terra Exports’ goals of becoming one of the largest fresh produce companies worldwide. 

“Felipe joining our company in a board/advisory role is a tremendous step forward for us,” said Nils Goldschmidt, CEO, Terra Exports, through a press release. “His guidance will be key to catapulting us into the next phase of our company, which is building a roadmap to becoming one of the top fresh produce companies in the world. Felipe’s experience and success with Hortifrut are unmatched in the industry, and having him on board will give us the edge we’ve been eager for since the start of Terra Exports.”

Terra Exports, based in Las Vegas, is a worldwide importer-exporter of fruits. The company has eight divisions and handles produce in more than 65 countries.

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