Taylor Farms to buy stake in Crunch Pak sliced apples

April 13, 2017

Taylor Farms and Crunch Pak Holding Company entered an agreement for Taylor Farms to buy a minority stake in Crunch Pak sliced apples.

The Taylor Farms investment will give Crunch Pak regional distribution to retail and foodservice customers nationwide. In return, the partnership provides Taylor Farms with Crunch Pak’s fresh fruit slicing technology.

The majority stake in Crunch Pak will be retained by Dovex Fruit Co., and its partners, which will provide Taylor Farms with access to raw fruit product, organic and conventional. The Crunch Pak sales, marketing and management teams will remain in place. Bruce Taylor, Taylor Farms CEO, will join the Crunch Pak board of directors.

“The fresh cut industry is rapidly changing; customers are requiring deliveries seven days a week. You have to be national but with regional delivery across the country,” said Crunch Pak President Mauro Felizia. “We need faster distribution to market.

“In today’s business environment, logistics, innovation and collaboration are important; our partnership with Taylor Farms will give us that synergy.”

Bruce Taylor said, “Our investment in Crunch Pak gives us the fresh fruit slicing technology we need to move into that category.”

The two companies are working together now.

For more information about the companies and their products, visit www.crunchpak.com and www.taylorfarms.com.

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