March 16, 2012

Study: Consumers want better from U.S. food producers

A new “Field to Fork” study conducted for Edelman indicates that consumers feel America’s approach to food production is on the wrong track.

The findings certainly bode well for produce and fresh-cut products.

Grocery shoppers were polled to gauge attitudes and perceptions about food. Fifty-five percent cited processed foods with additives, preservatives and saturated fats, and chemicals in foods (hormones/pesticides) as negatives, with 42 percent mentioning safety and production, contamination and lack of local production as issues.

The majority of respondents said they want to know where their food comes from and that they prefer to purchase foods grown or raised in the U.S.

“The data tells us consumers are redefining their relationship with food, looking at health more closely and holistically, and expecting food and beverage companies to do the same,” said Janet Cabot, director of Edelman’s U.S. Food and Nutrition practice, in an Edelman press release.

The survey also identified six distinct consumer segments: Extremely informed; those who support and champion the need for American agriculture; well-educated, high-income consumers who are outspoken and informed about global issues; middle-aged, middle-income consumers who follow simple rules for more healthful eating; younger, lower-income consumers who aren’t interested in taking time to create meals; and those whose buying habits are influenced by children.


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