March 15, 2023

Small footprint palletizer offers solutions for limited floor space or budgets

A compact palletizer from A-B-C Packaging Machine Corp. offers an economical solution for plants with limited floor space or a small budget.

The Model 72AN palletizer occupies 10% to 30% less floor space than conventional low-level palletizers while maintaining complete flexibility for product feed and pallet configuration, according to the company’s website. The fully automatic palletizer includes, low-, medium- or high-level product feed, an open design allowing high visibility with full machine guarding, and heavy steel construction designed for long-term operation.

The Model 72AN palletizer from A-B-C Packaging occupies 10% to 30% less floor space than conventional low-level palletizers. Image: Provided

An automatic infeed timing belt controls case spacing and infeed for proper orientation, row and gap configuration. The palletizer also features a mechanical row pusher bar with a dual chain drive and utilizes a counterweighted elevator table to ensure stable product transfer and eliminate stress on the drive motor.

The vertical transport is powered by a variable frequency motor drive, which eliminates shock to the product by providing a soft start and stop during load transport.

No pallet dispenser is required, and an operator controls a touch screen panel. Up to five empty pallets can be stacked in the load area, and layers of product are automatically directed to the top pallet level. The palletizer’s self-adjusting layer retainer sweep bar compensates for product variations to ensure a positive sweep for every load and automatically centers each layer.

Once the load is completed, the lift truck operator removes the top pallet and contents, and the palletizer continues to load the next pallet.

Headquartered in Tarpon Springs, Florida and founded in 1940, A-B-C manufactures depalletizers, decasers, case erectors, sealers, packers, palletizers and accessory equipment. Its machines are used in industries including food, beverage, household chemicals, computer electronics, cosmetics and glass and plastic bottle manufacturing.

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