April 12, 2023

Share-ify launches new product inspection solution for food chain

Share-ify, a leading cloud platform for corporate compliance, food safety, and quality assurance, has launched a new product inspection solution for companies in the food chain.

Ver-ify helps quality control associates quickly evaluate products received from suppliers for compliance. The cloud-based platform can help inspect finished goods or materials, including categories with USDA grading standards, layered with customer product specification such as fresh produce, meats, poultry, and seafood.

“We are excited to enhance the Share-ify platform with our new Ver-ify inspections tool to help companies more completely assess the performance of products in the supply chain,” said Angela Nardone, Share-ify chief operating officer. “In today’s landscape of food safety requirements, the Ver-ify system will be highly valuable in both the receiving and shipping realms.”

The Ver-ify product inspections platform offers a mobile application integrated to the Share-ify platform which enables easy evaluation of products for adherence to company specifications and commodity grade. Subscribers can share information with trading partners to improve transparency and communication.

In addition, Share-ify produces scorecards for evaluation of product performance over time by location, vendor, product or inspector.

The platform includes specific features for fresh produce inspections, with ready access to reference material for the more than 130 industry grading standards used by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. Each standard may include a grading standard, inspections instructions and a visual aid to assist inspectors with product evaluation.

Share-ify users, including foodservice, retail, manufacturing and restaurant customers, can share information including specifications, document management, non-compliances and dates and alerts.

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