Sambrailo Packaging introduces eco-friendly ReadyCycle

April 24, 2017

Sambrailo Packaging is introducing a new line of earth-friendly packaging called ReadyCycle. Manufactured with sustainable materials and food-grade adhesives, and printed with water-soluble inks, ReadyCycle is 100 percent recyclable, according to the company.

“As consumers push growers and retailers to be more environmentally aware, we decided that we needed to develop a solution that would achieve the same, or better, packaging functionality without the carbon footprint, and one that could provide marketing opportunities without the use of an additional label,” said Juana Ramirez, director of sales and marketing for Sambrailo.

ReadyCycle is paper-based packaging that can be pre-printed inside and out, so there is no need for an additional label. It can be recycled in existing recycle streams.

ReadyCycle has an extremely condensed development timeline for prototypes compared to thermoformed plastics, according to Sambrailo. Pack sizes and weights can be adjusted and tailored to the needs of each grower or retailer. ReadyCycle can be used with a wide variety of produce items, including berries, tomatoes, green beans, peppers, and small squash or zucchini, and others. Quick print turns make it ideal for seasonal messaging and promotions, and the increased marketing real estate allows for recipes and other nutritional information to be printed right on the pack, according to the company.

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