June 2, 2023

Pyure offers air purification solution for food processors

Commercial air and surface purification company Pyure Dynamic Protection’s food processing solution has demonstrated more than a 90% reduction in microbial loads, according to the company.

Pyure’s food industry solution actively treats 100% of the processing space and reduces bacteria, molds and other pathogens in the air and on surfaces, according to a news release. The solution also breaks down chemicals such as ethylene to help companies decrease rot and spoilage, manage ripening, and lower recalls and waste in food processing, storage, and distribution.

Pyure’s solutions integrate with existing HVAC systems, according to the release, and use dynamic measurement controls to treat indoor air and surfaces at whatever scale is required.

The company’s patent-protected technology mimics the way sunlight sanitizes the outdoor environment by generating hydroxyls indoors.

“We are excited to offer this solution to help address some of the major challenges facing food and beverage processing today,” Pyure CEO JF Huc said in the release. “Our solution is the most effective and efficient way to preserve freshness, improve food safety and reduce recalls and lost productivity, and we are confident that it will make a significant difference for our customers.”

The Boynton Beach, Florida-based company has been providing air purification solutions for industries including food and agriculture, hospitality and health care for 15 years.

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