April 23, 2020

ProEx Food vegetable peeler designed to use minimal water

ProEx Food offers a wide variety of produce processing equipment, including three different technologies for peeling: a knife peeler, u-bed peeler/scrubber and a rotary cage waterless peeler.

“This machine is ideal to peel potatoes and other root crops, such as beets or turnips,” said Daniel Ghadiri, CTO. “In a processing line, the peeler is located after pre-washing and de-stoning the products. A rotating drum with built-in knife modules represents the working unit.”

A product is tipped into the loading chute using a step conveyor belt. From there it falls into the drum cavity where it is advanced by means of the worm-shaft.

“The speed of the peeling process is controlled by the rotation of this shaft,” Ghadiri said. “The continuous rotation of the drum causes the rotation of the product against the set of knives. On contact with sharp knife-edges the surface of the product peels-off.”

Peeled vegetables are fed-out using an outlet chute, while the peels are collected underneath the drum either in a container or removed by means of a distinct conveyor belt.

The u-bed peeler/scrubber and rotary cage waterless peeler use abrasive shafts or brushes to remove the outer layer of the product. The units are suited to peel and/or scrub a wide variety of products as well.

“Peeling with abrasive materials and brushes leaves a much more smooth finish than the knife peeler. Scrubbing vegetables is made easy with the units: potatoes and beets after steam, tomatoes with pre-treatment or corn for chips and tortillas. The peeler improves yields by brushing the peel away instead of cutting. After the process there is also a lower cooked starch carry-over in rinse water.”

The benefits of the rotary cage waterless peeler include: lower moisture and higher solids content and significantly reduced water usage and further treatment costs.

Visit proexfood.com for more information.

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