September 1, 2022

Produce offers cybersecurity best practices for produce suppliers

There are two key components to use the Produce (PSO) best practices. These are:

  1. Find your implementation tier by using the Implementation Tier Calculator.
  2. Once you have identified which tier your company falls into – High, Medium or Low – apply the best practices for that tier to your organization.
PSO’s core functions

Implementation Tier Calculator (ITC) 

Produce supply companies come in all shapes and sizes. Some are global corporations operating internationally and some are much smaller operations that may be seasonal and are focused on one specific type of crop.
Given this disparity, the ITC provides an easy way to determine which tier your company is in. Answer 4 simple questions to create a weighted score that will tell you which list of best practices should apply to your organization.

Download the PSO Implementation Tier Calculator

Best Practices for Produce Suppliers

Now that you have identified the Implementation Tier that is applicable to your company’s profile, you are ready to work through each core function (Identify, Protect, Detect, Respond and Recover, seen in the image above). PSO’s Excel version can be used as a workbook to track your progress and a pdf version for easier reading.

Download the PSO Cybersecurity Best Practices as Excel

Download the PSO Cybersecurity Best Practices as PDF

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