March 1, 2016

PMA announces Center for Growing Talent

Produce Marketing Association (PMA) Foundation for Industry Talent is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year by refreshing itself for the next 10 years, including a new name, logo and an even stronger commitment to the industry’s greatest asset – its people, PMA said.

PMA announced the rebranding of Center for Growing Talent by PMA. Logo: PMA
PMA announced the rebranding of Center for Growing Talent by PMA. Logo: PMA

PMA’s strategic focus on talent began in 2004, when a fledgling program to recruit top college students to careers in the industry was held in conjunction with PMA’s Fresh Summit Conference and Expo, PMA said.  PMA Foundation was founded shortly thereafter to attract, develop and retain talent for the global produce and floral industry.  Since then, PMA Foundation has significantly expanded its student attraction programs; eight Career Pathways programs are planned for 2016.

Strategic planning led the Center for Growing Talent by PMA to set an “invest-to-grow agenda” for its programs and the people who deliver them. Specifically, the Center for Growing Talent by PMA:

  • is scaling up its Attract strategy, to increase its reach to more universities and more students;
  • is calibrating its Develop strategy, so its leadership programs best meet the mission and are sustainable; and
  • will position itself to help companies understand what it takes to keep and advance the right people by defining its Retain strategy

“On the occasion of this group’s 10th anniversary, we are inviting industry members to demonstrate their energy and commitment to talent, both for our industry and for their companies,” said Cathy Burns, PMA president. “Our ‘10 for Talent’ challenge is a fun and social-media-oriented fundraising effort that calls on 10,000 industry members to give $10 each to the Center for Growing Talent by PMA, to fund and accelerate our important work.”

To participate, contribute $10 online at or text 10forTalent to 41444. Then post news that you’ve taken the challenge, along with a picture, to your social channels. Wear orange, Center for Growing Talent by PMA’s official color. Share on Facebook and LinkedIn; submit photos for a chance to win a free registration to one of our programs. Tweet using the hashtag #10forTalent. Finally, sign up to be a fundraiser and invite 10 colleagues to accept the challenge, too.

For more information or a schedule of upcoming programs, visit the Center for Growing Talent by PMA website.


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