December 17, 2020

Pete’s introducing new line of sustainably packaged salad varieties

California-based produce company Pete’s, which specializes in hydroponically grown lettuce and cress, has announced a new line of sustainable packaged salad varieties.

The line will be called Pete’s Greenhouse Fresh and include four new varieties:

  • Benevolent Butter
  • Hydro Spring Mix
  • Indoor Romaine
  • Nice & Crunchy

Pete’s Greenhouse Fresh offers environmentally conscious consumers a range of fresh and sustainable packaged salad varieties that use 90% less land and water compared to field-grown product.

These indoor-grown lettuce varieties are also protected from outside elements and do not use triple washing postharvest the same way many traditionally grown greens do, resulting in less water used during the harvesting process.

In addition, Greenhouse Fresh packaging containers are made from 100% post-consumer recycled material, are 100% recyclable, and their flexible, resealable closures use less plastic and emit less CO2 than plastic closures.

Pete’s is also partnering with 1% For The Planet, pledging 1% of Greenhouse Fresh sales to The Recycling Partnership in an effort to help improve the recycling system.

Pete’s Greenhouse Fresh products will debut at West Coast retailers starting in January.


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