December 2, 2021

Perostar targeted for postharvest treatment of bell peppers

Save Foods, an agri-food-tech company focused on developing and selling eco-friendly products specifically designed to extend the shelf life and ensure the safety of fresh fruits and vegetables, announced the first commercial sales of its PeroStar product to two of the leading bell pepper packing houses in Israel’s Arava region.

After their experience trying Save Foods’ treatment, the packing houses decided to fully integrate the company’s product in their treatment process to ensure the optimal quality and shelf life of bell peppers.

The Arava region produces approximately 60% of all of the fresh vegetables that Israel exports, and bell peppers are the leading crop, largely sold to Russia, North America and the UK.

This first commercial sale for the treatment of bell peppers in Israel comes on the heels of the company’s recent regulatory approval of its product by the California Department of Pesticide Regulation (CDPR). That CDPR approval also covers bell peppers, a crop valued at $479 million in the United States, with California accounting for nearly 50% of peppers grown in that market.

Dan Sztybel, the CEO of Save Foods, the company’s Israeli subsidiary, said: “We are excited to see the first large scale commercial implementation of our product for the bell pepper market, especially here in the heart of Israel’s thriving agriculture industry. We believe that the use of Save Foods’ treatment will help the Arava packing houses export produce of the highest quality without fungicides or a trace of hazardous residue.”

Save Foods’ initial applications are in postharvest treatments in fruit and vegetable packing houses processing citrus, avocado, pears, bell peppers and mangos. By controlling and preventing pathogen contamination and significantly reducing the use of hazardous chemicals and their residues, Save Foods’ products not only prolong fresh produce shelf life and reduce food loss and waste, but they also ensure a safe, green and healthy product.

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