PATS seminar gives insight into sterilization technology

September 18, 2017

On Oct. 13 TOP bv and Marfo bv organize a seminar about PATS, a new sterilization technology for the food industry. The purpose of the seminar is to quickly inform the industry of the new sterilization possibilities.

PATS is an acronym for Pressure Assisted Thermal Sterilization. TOP and Marfo have cooperated within a European consortium on the development of a commercial scalable PATS-system, a technique for producing high quality food with a longer shelf life. With PATS it is possible to make products of a much higher quality than with traditional sterilization techniques, according to TOP bv.

Over the past four years significant progress has been made in the development, validation and scale-up of this promising technology, the company reports. Since the development of the system is now almost completed, the companies will inform the industry about the new possibilities that PATS brings and relevant results.

TOP bv is a service provider in food design, process development and innovation management. Marfo bv is supplier of fresh frozen meal solutions for aviation, healthcare, defense and other bulk consumers.

More information can be found at Interested parties can register for the seminar by sending an email to [email protected] (registration fee € 50).

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