February 8, 2019

Oriental Red kiwi fruit wins 2019 FRUIT LOGISTICA Innovation Award

The “Oriental Red – red kiwi fruit” from Jingold in Italy won Gold. Originally from China, the red Dong-Hong kiwi not only has unique organoleptic properties but also boasts an excellent shelf life. As well as the fiery red color of its flesh, trade visitors also commented on the fruit’s pleasant, sweet taste. It has a sugar content of 20 to 21 degrees Brix.

Oriental red – Red Kiwifruit, Jingold. Photos courtesy of FRUIT LOGISTICA

“We are very happy to win this important award. It’s been a year of hard work for our team. We invested a lot of energy to develop and improve our product and are glad that people like it so much,” said Federico Milanese, international development manager.

Softripe Ripening Technology, Frigotec.

Silver was awarded to the “Softripe Ripening Technology” from German firm Frigotec. Trade visitors were impressed by this natural, energy-saving ripening technology for bananas and other tropical fruit.

Top-sealable Compostable Recycable Strawberry, CFK

The Bronze award was won by the “Top-sealable compostable, recyclable strawberry punnet” from CKF in Canada. With their sealable, compostable and recyclable wood pulp punnets for 350 to 400 grams of strawberries, the Canadians are setting an example of environmental protection in terms of sustainability. The wood pulp punnet not only provides protection for the fruit and a view of the product but also ensures a longer shelf life, without using plastic.