January 24, 2022

Ocean Mist Farms launches Coachella artichoke season

Ocean Mist Farms has launched its Coachella artichoke production season. Growing in the region for over 20 years, 2022 also marks the fourth consecutive year of Ocean Mist Farms’ Peace Love & Artichokes messaging campaign.

“Every year is different with Mother Nature being in charge,” said Jeff Percy, VP production in Coachella for Ocean Mist Farms said in a Jan. 24 press release. “Artichoke harvest is in full swing a bit earlier than last year, and we are pleased with the demand for our Frost Kissed chokes. Looking at production volumes we have good quality and supply for the balance of the Coachella artichoke season.”

Promotable volumes of Ocean Mist Farms artichokes will be available for the majority of the Coachella season.

Artichokes traditionally grow in a Mediterranean-like climate, as the vegetable requires mild temperatures and plenty of moisture. Ocean Mist Farms has honed a desert-grown proprietary seed variety specifically for the Coachella Valley climate.

Ocean Mist Farms will issue a bi-weekly video field report as part of its trade email campaign to show off Coachella artichoke production during February.

To further incentivize shoppers to put artichokes in their baskets, Ocean Mist Farms is launching a multifaceted campaign, launching next week and lasting through April 8. The campaign will include email marketing to a robust community of artichoke shoppers and produce buyers, social media & Google advertising, and sweepstakes prizes — all to drive sales, brand engagement and in-store demand.

To learn more, visit www.oceanmist.com.

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