August 26, 2020

Oasis Grower Solutions adds nutrient supplement for leafy greens

Oasis Grower Solutions introduces Fortify, a liquid nutrient supplement, designed to optimize the growth performance and increase harvest weights while reducing production time by up to 20%.

Fortify is an amino acid based nutrient supplement developed through extensive research and trials. Use of Fortify improves nutrient uptake and reduces stress at all stages of production.

Fortify can be applied to leafy greens (lettuce, herbs and micro greens) produced using Nutrient Film Technique (NFT), Deep or Shallow water culture and aeroponic culture. It is best applied using a dosing system in conjunction with a complete fertilizer program.

Oasis Grower Solutions provides propagation products and post-harvest care solutions for greenhouse produced ornamental and food crops. Oasis Grower Solutions products include, plant propagation Rootcubes, Terra Plug, Fertiss, Horticubes, Oasis HydroPRO System, Hydroponic Fertilizer, Soax wetting agent, disease control and greenhouse cleaners.


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