July 28, 2022

New wine brand Juliet launches in recycled material packaging

Juliet has launched its brand of luxury boxed wines, which come in a cylindrical container called Eco-Magnum.

Debuting with a 2021 Sauvignon Blanc and 2021 Grenache Rosé, Juliet hails from a Certified California Sustainable Winery in the acclaimed Happy Canyon of Santa Barbara AVA. The wine is housed in a first-to-market cylindrical container deemed the “Eco-Magnum”, which holds two standard bottles of wine (1.5L). Developed by female entrepreneurs with women in mind, Juliet delivers an elevated day-to-day experience for discerning wine drinkers who prioritize sustainability.

Founders Allison Luvera and Lauren De Niro Pipher are longtime friends who share a passion for good wine and a desire to innovate. When the women discovered that glass bottles and their transport are the two largest contributors to wine’s carbon footprint, they set out to reshape the category with an unmatched commitment to sustainability. Combining their diverse experience at iconic brands including Perrier-Joüet, Virgin Galactic and Vogue, the duo brings their rich backgrounds in sales, marketing and alcoholic beverage to the table.

Together, the two entrepreneurs are trailblazing a new space where quality wine aligns itself with a conscious lifestyle, and the concept of elevated boxed wine is brought to fruition at scale.

From winemaking practices to packaging, sustainability is at the core of Juliet’s mission. The wines are made in a facility that is certified by the California Sustainable Winegrowing Alliance (CSWA) and packaging is crafted with recycled materials to set the stage for real environmental impact. Juliet is also pioneering the first at-home wine refill system in the U.S. where customers can reuse the paper containers and reorder just the inner wine pouches at a discount.

The Eco-magnum is multi-faceted and developed for convenience with superior design. The large format stays fresh for up to six weeks after opening and the proprietary, glass-free design with handle is ideal for on-the-go occasions, picnics, the beach, or at home fitting nicely on a refrigerator shelf. The airtight spout provides an “on tap” experience.

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